Loop Online is Live!

by rachel

I figured I’d do a quick post now that Loop Online is up!

For the first half of this year, despite being in the Loop CAS group I haven’t really done much other than co-ordinate and edit the Loop-SPH collaboration which was months ago. The reason being the Loop team has grown a lot and there’s always an excess of writers so I figured I’d give it a pass since I’m not short on CAS activities and I have had the experience of writing for Loop before. But I’m really excited now because we’ve finally managed to get Loop Online on its feet!

It took us a long time to set up the platform for Loop Online because we initially wanted to do it through a proper hosted website and in order to do that we would need the school to officiate it and provide us with the funds to do so. However, after about 4-5 months of waiting on the school to give us the all-clear (which never happened… I suppose our request got lost along the way), we decided to just heck it and start up the page on a free website instead.

So… I proudly present to you Loop Online !

One of the main purposes of Loop Online would be to fill up the spaces that The Loop leaves in between each publication. Being a thrice-annually project, there are a lot of events and occurrences in school that The Loop is unable to cover. Hence, with Loop Online, we will be able to provide regular updates on school events as well as (hopefully) create a collection of articles documenting the SOTA culture!

Furthermore, with Loop Online we also hope to be able to provide a training ground for the juniors as well. Due to the nature of The Loop, the workload is always very concentrated around a certain time period and hence the editors are not able to provide the amount of guidance that they might wish to provide to the various writers and designers as there are about 8-10 articles going on at one time. With Loop Online we will hopefully be able to provide this guidance as the articles aim to be published on a weekly basis and hence the work load is more spread out.

More updates on how Loop Online goes will be posted soon but for now do check out and follow our tumblr page and our twitter (@sotaloop) for more updates!