Listen… again?

by rachel

It’s been ages since the conclusion of Listen for Haiyan but Vanessa and I were just talking about how neither of us have actually concluded the CAS activity so… here goes! Months after the completion of the event, Nessa and I are now considering organising Listen again at the start of 2015. 

Now that we are also co-leading the Spoken Word CAS group, we hope that this can also be a chance for the new Spoken Word CAS members to perform and have something to work towards! However, I do think that it was interesting to incorporate work not just from SOTA students but also from students in other schools as well and this is something we hope to continue. Now that I’m observing the U-21 Slam for my anthro IA, hopefully we will be able to get more people on board with us on this project as well! 

I think Spoken Word is an incredibly powerful medium for the broadcasting of ideas and if we do hold Listen again, I think we might want to spend more time on the workshopping process in order to raise the bar higher for the works performed, working together to figure out the most poignant way to get the performer’s message across. In order to do so, we will definitely need to research more on the medium of Spoken Word and just get out there to perform more so we can better understand what works and what doesn’t work before trying to aid others in the process. One other possible method for us to do so could also be engaging with a mentor who could provide us greater insight on the issue.

Listen for Haiyan raised a total of $1600 for the victims of Typhoon Haiyan which we were pleasantly surprised by! Moving forward next year we might want to look at contributing to a local cause instead! Also, I’ve been wondering if we might perhaps we able to work with younger children from disadvantaged families to see if we might be able to produce work with them that could be showcased within Listen next year and then if they all work with a common organization we can then donate the proceeds to that organization(: 

All this is still rather rough and Nessa and I are not entirely sure if we will be able to organize Listen next year again or how far we will be able to push it but hopefully we manage to pull it together! More updates soon!