from place to place

by rachel

It’s taken awhile for me to fully recognize this/ concretize this into words I suppose but for a long time now I’ve been learning that I create essentially to document. Whether it is an emotion that nearly escapes me or a quiet moment suspended within a chaotic bus, I make something out of it in order to try not to forget. So that weeks on I may return to it, so that perhaps someone who wasn’t in that same space with me may find the boundaries of time and place collapsed as we fall into that moment together, retrospectively.

I enjoy collecting the phrases I am blessed enough to chance upon each day, some directed to me, some merely snippets of someone else’s conversation that I am a curious stranger to. (slightly frustrated because I seem to have lost a note I typed out that carried the exchange between a small boy and his mother that I caught a few months back)

“The documentarist has a passion for what he finds in images and sounds – which always seem to him more meaningful than anything he can invent. It is in selecting and arranging his findings that he expresses himself.” – Erik Barnouw

I am, increasingly, beginning to feel like documenting people and places is something I want to spend the rest of my life doing/ learning how to do. Whether through words or, when words fail me, images and sequences of images and sound, I want to try doing it. I want to capture the moments and realities that people, and myself, live through in order to, on one hand, reassure people that they’re not alone in how they feel and, on the other hand, communicate facets of stories that we might otherwise remain strangers to.

can i do it? can i do it??